Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

Neues Carnageheft - Nr. 6

Das Carnage ist nicht nur immer schneller vergriffen sondern wird auch immer hochwertiger und teurer. 30 Tacken kostet die sechste Ausgabe, die Montag erscheint...Stolzer Preis, den ich trotz der Deluxeausführung nicht mehr zahlen möchten.

  • Image of Carnage Issue 6: Lions
  • Image of Carnage Issue 6: Lions
  • Image of Carnage Issue 6: Lions
Available Monday 2/17 at noon ET!
The newest issue of Carnage features highlights from Lions's personal collection of 35mm photos, taken between 1996 and 2005. As such, this issue represents an extraordinary collection of some of the very best illegal graffiti on the streets of New York and contains the work of many legendary writers, including JA, KEZ, SKUF, REAS, SET, CYCLE, REVS, COST, TIE (RIP), SCOPE, DESA, KEEPS, SENTO, OE, GHOST, SANE (RIP), SMITH, SEN4, ASP (RIP), VFR, SETUP, SACE (RIP), GUESS and many others. This is a must-have for every serious fan of graffiti!
Carnage 6 was produced in a large softcover format on high-quality stock with sewn binding. Each copy is numbered out of 500, signed by Lions and comes with two stamped 4x6 color prints as well as eggshell and vinyl stickers.

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