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Stickershow in Brazilien

von Colante

leider nur in englisch:

Expo COLEX 2012
International Sticker Art Show
The Expo COLEX is a collective exhibition of urban art stickers (sticker art). The show that occurs in Santos-SP/ Brasil gives a brief overview of the artists that are producing, distributing and acting at this very moment in the streets all over the Earth. It’s an exposition which aims to reflect upon the concepts of living the intrinsic urbanity in the big cities. Come and check out the artwork produced by artists in several places in Brasil and in the World.
Colex will be wild this year!
-Special show of free-handmade stickers.
-Best artists and packs award.
-Raffle prizes
At the vernissage:
-DJs; VJs and Live Paint
This year, awards for:
-Best Artist – 4 artists;
-Best Sticker Art – 4 artists;
- Best Freehand Sticker – 4 artists;
-Best Pack – 4 artists;
- Best Supporters
+ The artists that don’t get any rewards will compete in an additional raffle. – 5 artists.
*The selected artists in the categories awards will receive a set with: Expo COLEX 2012 T-shirt + Assorted stickers pack;
*The set will be delivered by mail to the winners’ house.
The ones who have interest in taking part in Expo COLEX 2012 can deliver their sticker artwork to:
Rua Oswaldo Cruz, 152 ap33
11045-100 - Boqueirão
Santos-SP – Brasil
- The artwork delivery deadline is July 20, 2012;
- No quantity limits for the stickers delivery;
- Don’t forget to send information within your pack: name, website, e-mail and full address.
- The event’s date and place will be soon notified (Foreseen to take place in Santos-SP in August, 2012);
-The winners nomination will be released in August, 2012
All artworks will be in the run for the awards competing in every category with a maximum of one (1) prize per artist selected who won’t be running for other categories.
The Expo Cole is an independent and honest exhibition, where stickers will be displayed and named separately, not piling up sticker or putting them here and there. Because we believe that no one is better than anyone else. The stickers that won’t be used or distributed in the show will be properly pasted up in the streets-the place they belong. With all due respect to the Sticker Artists.
Organization: Colante
Support:Project carried out withthesupportof Governo do Estado de São Paulo, Secretaria de Estado da Cultura - Programa de Ação Cultural – 2011.
TVC, aFASE!, WORX e Bomfim.

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